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24 October 2009 @ 08:04 pm
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29 August 2009 @ 07:33 pm







A young teen with black hair and green eyes rolled over and sighed. He was turning 16 in just 5-no-4 minutes, and he could finally leave for school in a few weeks time and never look back at his so-called home. Harry continued to fiddle with a small red badge in his hands. The year before, his sixth, Harry’s friend, Ronald Weasley , had dropped his Prefect status and Harry had picked it up, but Ron didn’t go without a badge of his own, the fiery red head was Quidditch Captain of his team.


Harry glanced back at the clock, two minutes past midnight, he’d missed his birthday and hadn’t realized! Suddenly, Harry clutched at forehead, biting his lip in pain.


! Vision!

Harry looked down to see a circle of people in black robes with their heads bowed, before him.

“Luciusss” Harry hissed, the green-eyed teen knew it was a vision. ‘Cause, come on! Who wants to look and sound like a freakin’ snake?’ “Join me after the meeting. I wisssh to ssspeak with you.”

“Yes , My lord.” A few matters were discussed, a few men tortured before the other Death Eaters were dismissed. Lucius Malfoy, blond, blue eyed, aristocrat in all things, made his way to his Lord before sinking to his knees and kissing the hem of Harry’s/Voldemort’s robes.

“Luccciusss your son is jusstss seventeen, correct?” Lucius nodded “I would like to make young Draco my consssort.”

Lucius froze; his mind immediately brining up images of Voldemort and his son, not liking the thought he had at all, he slowly stood. “My Lord…”

“What is it Lucius? Don’t think of denying me my Consort” Hissed Voldemort. When doesn’t he hiss?

“No, no, I wouldn’t dream of it! But would you permit me to find you another consort that is not my son?” Lucius drawled, slightly quicker then he normally would.

“We shall see.” Voldemort peered down at Lucius “You have one month to bring me three teenagers the age of your son. If you find one them reasonable, you and your son will be sparred. Iss that understood?”

“Yes My Lord.” Lucius bowed and the snake like man dismissed Lucius, finally, and the blond apparated out.

! End Vision!


Harry opened his eyes to find himself on his bedroom floor with his Aunt banging on the door. “Up! Get out of bed you lazy shit! Make breakfast”

“Yes Aunt Petunia.” Harry replied pulling himself off the ground and stumbled to the door. “Here we go again” Harry muttered as he exited his bedroom.




Voldemort rose and made his way out of the room.

-My Love- A strange hissing sound came from the next room.-Why do you look so dowwwn? Ohoo! My Love! Why are you so coooold!? My Love! Why are you so angrrryyy?!- Voldemort’s face twitched and he fastened to open the door before--My Love! Why do you seem to whither when you’re inside me!? Oo My Love! Why do you laugh when I—


-Tom! Wha are you doing home? I mean- back from the meeting?-

-What do you think, hmm?- Tom said rolling his eyes. The huge snake that was previously singing now looked rather sheepish.


Voldemort sighed and ran a hand over his face before stating, -I’m going to sleep. I’ll see you in the morning Nagini- The huge green snake nodded slightly, slithering out of the room to give the Dark Lord some space.

The white hands pulled of his robes and his underlying shirt and trousers before turning to his bed, he pulled down his covers and had just placed one knee on the mattress to climb up when he was interrupted.

“My Lord! We need you! Avery came back from the raid!”

“Here we go again…” Voldemort hung his head in defeat before spelling his clothes back on before striding out to deal with it.




Harry arched his back as he looked up at the bright blue of the sky. His Aunt had given him a fews pots and asked him to plant them in the garden, where she said to put them of course. ‘Couldn’t have the filth putting things in weird places.’ Harry bent down again and picked up the next pot plant, the last one. Once he had finished, Harry jumped with quiet cheer. Now when you have been working under the sweltering sun for a long period of time, your blood tends to flow a little weird, so when Harry jumped up in victory, the blood rushed to his head. With a soft moan, the green eyed teen slumped to the ground, fainting.

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29 August 2009 @ 07:31 pm

Harry lay on the bed; hands bound above his head in black silk ribbons. His legs where left unbound and hidden under a white silk sheet that covered his naked body, just above his waist; exposing his chest to the soft touch of cold air.


How did our savior end up in this position, you ask?


Two years to the date after Harry had made a bold move and challenged Voldemort in the forest surrounded by his followers, he had received the killing curse from the Dark Lord, and Harry blacked out. When he awoke Narcissa Malfoy was kneeling beside him; roughly checking for his pulse.


Harry fought back tears as the memory of the late Mrs. Malfoy flooded into his vision.


After telling Voldemort that he was dead, Voldemort proceeded to approach Harry’s lifeless form to check for himself. Roughly, Voldemort yanked Harry up by his hair and checked for any signs of life forming on the teen’s face. Once the first Crucistus Curse left his body; Voldemort and his followers laughed mercilessly at the ‘saviors’ plight. Harry sighed inwardly as his body was left presumed dead.


Unbeknownst to Harry, Voldemort turned his wand toward Narcissa “Avada Kedarvra!” Narcissa fell lifeless next to the savior and every Death Eater in attendance fell silent. Voldemort approached Harry and yanked up by his hair again to face him. “Tsk ,Tsk, Potter, playing dead will only cause others to die for you.” Harry remained lifeless; fighting the urge to retort to Voldemort’s remarks. Voldemort turned to face his Death Eaters “Potter here is alive.” Stunned faces met the Dark Lord’s statement as they remained silent in his presence. “You don’t believe me? Then let me show you.” Voldemort pushed his lips hard against Harry’s and used his tongue to pry the teen’s stiff lips open and widen the youth’s mouth. Stunned Harry remained still unsure of what to do. Voldemort bit hard on the youth’s lower lip; causing the teen to whimper involuntary to his will. The Dark Lord smirked “See? I told you he was alive. So you can stop playing dead Potter and open your eyes.” Harry kept his eyes tightly shut not rising to challenge Voildemort. “Crabbe, Goyle! Escort Mr. Potter back to the Manor and make sure he is comfortable.” Crabbe and Goyle stepped forward and grabbed Harry roughly by his arms. Voldemort removed Harry’s glasses and snapped them in half before carelessly tossing them to the forest floor. “I do believe Mr. Potter should be dressed in his finest birthday suit. Make sure that happens.” The Death Eaters gripped Harry hard before apparating back to the Manor; dragging Harry through the halls.


So that is how Harry had ended up in his current position; strapped to the bed by his hands. Waiting to be used.



Crabbe and Goyle gripped Harry tightly on his forearms and dragged him down the dimly lit hallway of Malfoy Manor. Slowly Harry opened eyes, clearing his vision slightly by blinking. Crabbe looked at their capture and sneered.


“He is alive. So he was telling the truth.”


Goyle glanced at Harry and smirked “Well this will be better then fucking a corpse at least.”


“Yes. Much more fun.”


The two Death Eaters continued to drag Harry along and talk about the heinous acts they would and could perform on Harry. Harry blocked out what the Death Eaters said and focused instead of way to prevent the event that will occur. He didn’t have a wand ; it was still on the forest floor. He could try and fight them off, but like their sons’, Crabbe and Goyle were built strong and much larger then the scrawny teenager they were dragging.


Crabbe kicked the door open and together, they threw the savior onto the bed that lay in the centre of the room. Harry struggled to get up but was pressed hard by the body of Goyle as he forced his lips on the struggling teen, biting at his lips until the teen opened unwillingly. Harry tried to push the Death Eater off but Goyle grabbed his hands and in one of his own and forced them above the teens head.


Something coarse was tied around Harry’ ankles and he tried to buck Goyle off him but was distracted when he suddenly found his hands were also bound above his head. Goyle smirked and slowly got off the teen and examined his partner’ handy work. “Oh look Crabbe, all tied up and ready to be taken.” Goyle started to remove his cloths; carelessly throwing them on the floor.


Crabbe smirked and removed his wand “But I think something is missing” With a flick of his wand harry’ cloths were removed from his body and he whimpered as the cold air hit his bare skin. “Much better.” Crabbe followed Goyle and removed his cloths.


Harry tensed as Goyle approached and laid over his naked figure “Ahhh he whimpers just like a virgin.” Harry whimpered as Goyle moved to position himself.




The doors to the suite slammed open to reveal a livid lord Voldemort as he looked at the scene before his eyes. Goyle leapt off the teen and screamed as he fell to the floor next Crabbe who was also on the floor screaming. “Who told you to help yourself to Potter? Crabbe? Goyle?” The only responses he received were there screams as he held the cruiartus curse. With a flick as his wrist the curse was lifted “Leave us” Slowly the Death Eaters rose to their feet and gathered their cloths before leaving the room swiftly. Voldemort stalked slowly towards the teen spread all over the bed. “I rather hoped I wouldn’t take you like this Harry. I wanted this to be” The Dark Lord stroked a finger up Harry’s thigh and up to chin sending goose bumps all over the teen “special.” The Dark Lord placed a firm kiss on the teen’s lips and thrust his tongs inside. The Dark lord hissed as he removed his mouth from the teens and spat out the blood as the teen had bitten his tongue.




The Dark Lord smirked and slapped Harry hard across the face before hissing “You have already lost Harry. There is nothing you can do.” Voldemort pressed in and kissed harry thrusting his tongue inside the youths mouth again, but this time explored his mouth, easily gaining dominance over the squirming teen beneath him. Voldemort rose and looked at the teen “Just give in already. Stop fighting and let yourself fall.” Voldemort leant next to Harry’s ear “It doesn’t have to be all about pain” Voldemort flicked his wrist and Harry’s feet were untied; Harry gasped as blood rushed back into his toes “So what do you say Harry? I could make this vvvvveeeerrrryyyy pleasing for you, if you would only submit to my will.”


Harry closed his eyes in thought even though his mind was made up. As if he could concede to the Dark Lord’s will. He had been fighting his whole life, why give up now? He knew what Voldemort had implied and as Goyle had guessed he was in fact a virgin so it would hurt, so what if he just gave in? Harry opened his eyes and starred into the ruby red ones of his life long enemy “Fuck you, you BASTARD!”


Voldemort smirked “As you wish Potter, but just remember I gave you a choice.” The Dark Lord moved closer to Harry and forced another Kiss out of the teen as he fisted his member as. Harry squirmed under Voldemort, trying to buck the older man off him by using his hips. The Dark Lord smirked in their kiss and removed his hand from his groin to hold the struggling teenagers hips firm. “Now, now Harry, you had a choice in enjoying this, however, now you don’t have a choice.” Voldemort positioned himself behind the teen’s anal cavity and begun rocking back and fourth. “Come now Harry, open wide.” The Dark Lord smirked as he saw Harry’ eyes open in fear.


Harry tensed and whimpered. There was no way he was going to beg for him- no this monster to stop and rethink what he was going to do. He wouldn’t give the monster above him the satisfaction of hearing his pleas for the man to stop. “Ready or not Harry, here I come.” Purred the Dark Lord as pushed hard through Harry’ anal cavity, ripping the muscle badly as he plunged balls deep into the youth bellow.


Harry keened high in his throat as he felt Voldemort thrust his full length into him. He screamed as the monster inside of him pulled out and then thrust forward again. Using his legs, Harry tired to push the man off him. Voldemort smirked at Harry’ discomfort and pained stricken face and allowed him to manoeuvre his legs so that they were pushing against his chest. The Dark Lord continued to smirk as he lifted Harry’ hips over his shoulders. The Dark Lord laughed as he saw the look of shock on Harry’ face. “Did you think I would let you push me away when you fell so tight around my cock? Oh no my concubine, I will be riding your ass until my completion.” Voldemort pulled out of Harry and thrust back in setting himself a fast but steady pace as he abused the teen beneath him.


Tears began rolling down the youth’s face as each thrust entered him. It felt as if the monster’ cock was ripping him apart. Suddenly Harry felt a twinge of excitement in his lower region as the monster hit something inside of him causing him to whimper in pleasure. The Dark Lord smirked and thrust in again, hitting the same spot, causing Harry to release a sound half way between a moan and a whimper. A slight nudging started against Voldemort’ chest and looked down before looking up at the teen bellow him smirking. “My, my what is this Harry?” Harry blushed and turned away from the smirking monster above him. The Dark Lord smirked and summoned an object from the drawer next to the bed. “Now, now Harry don’t be shy you like this or at least your body does.” Voldemort took the object he had summoned and hung it loosely on one finger in front of Harry’ face, so that Harry could see it. “If you wish to ignore this” Voldemort flicked his fingers across the top of Harry’ cock causing the teen to yelp in shock “then I have no choice but to apply this device.” Harry looked at the Dark Lord in shock as he watched Voldemort apply the strap around his cock. His eyes widen as he felt pressure being applied as it was pushed around his cock. Harry gave a hiss of pain as Voldemort snapped the latch in place and resumed his thrusting into Harry’ anal cavity.


Voldemort turned his fast steady thrusts into violent ones as he smirked at the reaction appearing on Harry’ face. Harry couldn’t help it anymore he begun whimpering and mewling as Voldemort continued ride and hit that spot in his arse. Harry gasped as he felt what the strap was designed to do and groaned as his body leapt to meet every thrust presented by Voldemort. A barely audible plea escaped the teen’s lips.


Voldemort smirked “What was that?” Voldemort thrust in hard feeling his limit approaching.


“Please release me.” Mumbled Harry turning his head away to hide his embarrassment.


Voldemort laughed evilly and pulled out slightly “Only after I come.” Voldemort thrust forward and hissed in pleasure as he came inside Harry; who screamed as the foreign liquid shooted into his body. Voldemort clawed at Harry’ chest and latched onto his neck sucking and biting while relishing in the screams Harry produced. He detached himself from Harry’ neck once he was sure there would be a nice purple bruise on his neck. Voldemort pulled himself out of Harry and resummoned his cloths so that he could dress.


Harry watched as the Dark Lord slowly put on his cloths back on. A part of Harry’ mind was screaming at him for getting himself into this position and another part of him was telling him it felt wonderful to be used like this. Harry shock his head and tried to find the blurred image of Voldemort before looking in the direction of the door as he heard the door open. But hadn’t he forgotten something? Harry screamed desperately at the retreating figure “WAIT!AREN’T YOU GOING TO RELEASE ME?!”


Harry guessed the figure turned as he spoke “Oh that, well I guess we should wait and see if you can last till the next time I see you.” Voldemort turned and headed out the room “Good bye Mr Potter. We should do this again sometime.” Voldemort laughed as he closed the door on Harry’ screams.




Harry opened his eyes and starred at the ceiling.


That was the first time Voldemort had used him in that manor and he wouldn’t be the only one to enjoy spilling themselves inside the Wizarding World’s Savoir. Countless other Death Eaters in the inner circle had used the teen’s arse and all had been rough and performed in front of the Dark Lord.


The door creaked open meaning another Death Eater or Voldemort was about to come in and release themselves in the teen.


“Hello Mr Potter. How are you feeling today?”


Harry cringed and didn’t say a word as the figure moved further into the room closing the door behind him.       

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29 August 2009 @ 07:18 pm

Title: A Snake's Affection
Author: Sarah
Pairing: NC17
Summarry: Voldemort wins the war and Harry is forced into service of another kind.
Disclaimer: I can think of who I would like to own, however sadly, they eblong to JK Rowling
Warnings: anal, non-con, lots and lots of sex not all rape but still rather hot, bondage

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29 August 2009 @ 09:52 am

Title: Draco Malfoy and the Dark Angel
Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Rating: NC17 for later chapters
Summary: Draco Malfoy, troubled teen has never had anyone in his life to love him irrevocably. Until a Dark Angel appears and sweaps him off his feet. Literally.
Disclaimer: Wish I owned a select few character, but unfortunately they all belong to the wonderful lady that is J.K. Rowling.
Warning: Flashbacks of abuse, yaoi, swearing

Chapters: One    Two
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15 August 2009 @ 07:33 pm

I know I never met you,
and I know you never cried...
But i can't stop myself from missing you,
and the fun we could have had.
Are you watching over me?
Giving me hugs when I am sad?
 It's a pity I can't feel them...
Some love would make me glad.
Are you all alone up there?
Or have you found yourself a mate?
All these questions run through my head...
When I remember you are dead...

Forever and ever...

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25 July 2009 @ 06:07 pm
What's your favorite dessert?
CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im hungry... X3
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29 April 2009 @ 10:15 am
How long could you survive on your own in the wild?
a while :D ive done it before and i can do it again :D and girl  guides helps too lmao
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03 March 2009 @ 01:50 pm

Draco cursed as he strode down the corridor towards the entrance hall. Due to Potter defeating the Dark Lord last summer he now found it too hard to attend school. The Headmaster had announced with the welcoming feast that Mr. Harry Potter would not be required to return to Hogwarts due to him finishing course requirements during his intensive training in the months leading up to the final battle.

Draco pushed open the doors to the castle grounds and stormed toward the Quidditch pitch. This whole Potter thing only served to elevate Draco’s anger at everything in general. You see , Draco never had any more dreams of the mysterious Aingeal and it was starting to visibly affect him. He had circles under his eyes and his hair was limp and dull. Of course, all of this was hidden beneath three layers of glamours- a Malfoy could never look anything but perfect. Draco blinked at his surroundings; he had already reached the pitch and was standing rather aimlessly in the middle of it. With another blink Draco realised that he didn’t have his broom. Waving his wand in a couldn’t-care-less manner Draco called his broom to him. Mounting the handle, the blond pushed off and rose into the air. Draco wasn’t sure if he was attempting to recreate the dream with Aingeal but it was similar.

Draco flew alone, only accompanied by the winds and his broom. He flew outrageously, banishing his anger, fear, longing, and even a hint of trepidation. Draco was juxtaposition in itself. Eventually the Slytherin found it prudent to return to the ground, where his head of house awaited him.

Another Potter reminder.

When Voldemort found out that his most trusted Potions master was a traitor, he cursed him, causing Severus Snape to die a slow and painful death. But of course Potter saved the day. He found Severus just in time and managed to cast enough healing and stationary spells to keep the man alive until he reached St. Mungo’s. When Severus was released he ignored Potter for a long period of time before grudgingly submitting to Harry’s requests to see him. After much discussion they decided to call the Life Debts even – Severus had been saving Potter for years- and move on with their lives.

Draco landed gently and awaited his head of house and Headmaster to speak, “Draco what-ever is the matter? You left dinner like the hell hounds were after you.”

“I’m sorry sir, it's just that… Look I don’t know why I left okay? I just needed to breathe.” Draco snapped.

“There is no need to come out here in order to breathe, in fact surely you breathe constantly Draco, or are you a vampire? Should I call Madame Pomfrey to check if you’re alive?”

Draco laughed at his godfather. The older man only acted like a small child around Draco, which the blond found oddly comforting. He stood and looked at the man that had been through so much. "Let's go back to the castle, I feel better now anyway.”

The two men were half way to the castle before Severus spoke, “I will be introducing the new Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher tomorrow. You may find yourself surprised.” With that Draco was left to stand alone in the corridor toward the dungeons.



Draco dragged himself out of bed and padded sleepily to the bathroom adjacent to the dorms. Slowly, oh so slowly he washed up and made his slow way down to the great hall and to breakfast. Reinforcing his mask at the door to the hall, the blond strode in- the epitome of a Malfoy. He avoided looking at the table- Merlin only knows why. Draco was about half-way through his meal when Headmaster Snape stood, demanding the Hall’s attention.

“Students! Due to circumstances un-pertaining to you, your defence teacher was not here for the feast. However, he will be here sometime during breakfast, if you could all wait patiently. Whilst we are waiting, you will be given your schedules for the year.” After which he sat.

The heads of the houses began to walk along the table- including Severus, whilst he was headmaster;, he still kept all of his previous duties as head of house and his classes. Just as the teachers were sitting back at the table there was a knock at the doors to the great hall. Every student and teacher looked to the door. Severus waved his wand and the doors swung open slowly. The man- for you could be sure it was a man- was wearing a hood and long, loose robes. He walked- no, glided toward the head table, stopping in front of the headmaster. Severus stood and kissed both cheeks of the stranger. The hooded man moved to face the hall. The cowl managed to cover all but his mouth and jaw.

“Your hood might be good…” Smirked Severus. Abashedly, the stranger took off his hood and gazed at the hall with amazing emerald eyes, long black hair to his waist and a face so defined it was ethereal. “This, is your new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Aingeal Snape. My adoptive son.” Everyone looked at the new teacher with something akin to fear.

“Never fear, I am nothing like my father. I am much less intimidating, and my hair isn’t greasy from Potions. As my father said, my name is Aingeal Snape. I haven’t always been known as this- but the past is the past and it does not matter. Hopefully, we will be able to get to a fairly respectable level of a student/teacher relationship. I hope that throughout the year-“

“Yes, yes that is enough Aingeal. You have a class first thing this morning, get to it.” Snape interrupted his son with a smirk. “Breakfast is over students- get to class.”

Throughout the hall, students began to file out slowly, heading for class. However, there was one particular Slytherin that found himself frozen to the spot, staring at the new teacher. Flashes of past dreams flashed before him and he realized that this Aingeal was the very same Aingeal that appeared in his dream only a few days ago. “Draco! Let’s go! Come on, we have I Defence Against the Dark Arts first this morning. We have the new professor too so let’s go!” Draco glared at his classmate, Blaise Zabini. The boy looked to Draco as a friend, but of course, Malfoys do not have friends. Malfoys only have acquaintances and co-workers. The blond sighed and pushed himself up and away from the Slytherin table. Determined not to stare at the two Snapes, the younger one in particular, Draco strode out of the hall and to his first class.



Aingeal watched the blond leave and smiled slightly, knowing he had the boy in his first class only made it sweeter. Aingeal thought back to his untimely parting from his previous life. See, you may not have guessed yet- but Aingeal Snape used to be Harry Potter. When he had defeated Voldemort the previous year he had been thrown back into a tree by some archaic spell that the wannabe-snake found. When Harry woke up a week later he found himself staring up into the face of a worried Snape- not that Snape would ever admit that little titbit to anyone other than Harry. Apparently the spell that Voldemort had cast had backfired and now Harry was some sort of magical creature. Only problem was that neither Snape could figure out what he’d been turned into. That led to Harry not only being adopted (though it had been a secret wish of the Professor’s for a long time) but also being able to step out from the limelight and be himself.

And that is where we find our beloved saviour. Standing in the Great Hall with his father and smiling like he wasn’t late for his first class of his career. In fact it took Severus three times to get the attention of his son, “Aingeal! You have class, brat. Stop grining like a love-struck fool and get going.”

Aingeal shook his head, “Right, off I go. Thanks Da.” With that he waved merrily and trotted off to class.


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14 February 2009 @ 09:25 pm
YAY new outline! for anyone who is actually looking at this... (anyone) im really bored... god my lj is so sad...
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